$365 for a 90-minute initial consultation
$250 per 60-minute session

* Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
{An in-depth approach to emotional issues that an individual wishes to transform for better balance and sense of fulfillment. It involves looking at past experience, present situations and future goals and possibilities.}

* Supportive Psychotherapy
{This is helpful for someone facing a challenging phase of their life, such as career transition, physical illness or psychiatric illness. It can also be addressed in shorter, 30-minute sessions where appropriate.}

* Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy
{Most suitable for those who are feeling well generally except for one specific situation, for example a recent loss or life change. This involves 2-12 sessions with focus on a specific goal set in the first session.}

Psychopharmacology/Medication Management
$275 for a 60-minute initial visit
$125 per 30-minute session

* Consultation about Medication
{For questions regarding suitability of medication, either those currently prescribed or ones that may be of use.}

* On-going Medication Management
{Appropriate for those stable on their medications who need periodic monitoring and re-assessment.}

Consultation with current therapist, primary care physician or psychiatrist
No charge

Patients are given a receipt for their payment, due at the time of session, which can be submitted to their insurance company for re-imbursement.

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